Precautions before buying Forex robot

Purchasing forex robot can ease your way to forex trading but finding a good robot is not as easy as it is made to be. The risk is almost equally the same with forex trading. Scam forex robot- the tale-tell sign of a scam robot is the promise of getting big profits. If you are already making at least $50 a week, you”ll be enticed to make your trading profits bigger than what you make with the use of a forex robot. But forex market is so volatile and what”s up today many not be up tomorrow and what”s down is not forever down. No forex robot can perfect predict trends and assure winning streaks as often as possible. If somebody has created such robot, do you think he will share it to the trading world? The profit factor – vendors will tell the high profitability of their robot but in careful analysis, the profit is only at its highest when the loss value is at its lowest. If the profitability when calculated by dividing the gains of total winning trades by the all of the loss of all losing trades is high, gives high results then profitability is high. Still it can only be considered with high profit factor if profits are over long term. Deposit – Some trading forex robots can only run through a set up deposit account. The smaller deposits it requires generally make it better than the rest because you”ll have lower risk of losing money. Backward and forward testing- Most vendors will assure that their robot has been tested. Don�t assume they”re telling the truth and still have it tested. Testing your robot will make replacement and refund less complicated. You�ll also tend not to lose money when you use it in live trading. These simple precautions in buying a forex robot will not only save you money, time and investment but somehow save the image and reputation of forex robot industry.

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